These are also known as “train-tracks”. A wire is secured to the teeth so they can be straightened. The bracket on the tooth can be either metal or ceramic (tooth-coloured).


These removable appliances that can help enhance growth in a particular direction to correct underlying problems with jaw size and position. These are used to treat growing patients (approx 12-13 yrs) who have prominent upper teeth due to smaller than ideal lower jaws. Treatment times average 6-9 months and patients usually progress to fixed braces for the best outcome.


These are very thin, clear retainers that are used in a sequence of aligners to gradually move teeth. There are several different types the most common makes are Invisalign, ClearSmile and Reveal Clear Aligners.

They are more expensive than the regular fixed appliance and used for treatment of milder cases and for patients who wish to avoid having brackets on their teeth.

Dr Faye Rice

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