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Good news for all patients who are qualified for DTBS scheme through their stamps!

From 28th October 2017 patients who qualify for the Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme through their PRSI payments will now be entitled to one scale and polish per calendar year. This means a routine for a ROUTINE SCALE AND POLISH at Blackrock Dental Surgery there will be NO PATIENT FEE.

If an extended cleaning is required it will now only cost the patient €8 instead of €50.

This entitlement can also be used to cover the first €42 of a hygienist visit with the patient paying the balance on the cost for that visit.

The scheme also entitles those qualified for one examination per year. Earlier in the year the dental scheme was expanded to include the self employed, including farmers.

This has been re-introduced by the Department of Social Protection after continual lobbying from the Irish Dental Association since the severe cuts made to the scheme in 2009.

Please ring 042 9366979 if you wish to avail of these entitlements before the year ends.

Self employed now get dental benefits

From the end of March Self-employed are now entitled to an annual examination under the Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme subject to appropriate PRSI payments having been made. This new benefit was reached after negotiation between department and the IDA. The minisiter has indicated that he will restore further benefits on this scheme that were withdrawn in 2009.

Implants now available at Blackrock Dental Surgery

Special discounts for under 12’s for sports mouthguards

Protect those precious smiles with a custom fitted sports mouth guard.  These are the only type of mouth guard that provide full protection to the teeth and gums.  We are discounting clear mouth guards to €60 for under 12’s. Mouth guards available also in a range of colours, designs and funky patterns for €80.

No mouthguard smile
Protect those precious smiles
Candyfloss sportsguard in
A custom fitted mouthguard provides your child with maximum protection and comfort
Candyfloss mouthguard
Candyfloss design custom fitted mouthguard
3 Sports mouthguards
A range of colours and patterns are available including club crests
Kids with mouthguards
Choose your favourite design !


Thinking of having your teeth whitened ?
Blackrock Dental Surgery is offering a FREE tooth whitening assessment appointment.
This whitening assessment clinic will be held on Thursday 1st May and places are limited.

We are delighted to welcome a new dentist to Blackrock Dental Surgery at the end of March.

Gonzalo Lopez-Baillo
Gonzalo Lopez-Baillo

Gonzalo Lopez-Baillo has been working in Sligo for the last 3 years and is very experienced. He has post graduate training in implants and periodontal treatments and can provide these complex type of treatments  as well general dentistry.


We are participatying in Mouth Cancer Awarenes Day on Wednesday 18th September with FREE oral cancer screening.

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New Tooth Whitening Regulations

New tooth whitening regulations come into force from 31st October 2012.  As from this date it is illegal for anybody other than a dentist to provide tooth whitening products with more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. A dentist can provide patients with products containing of up to 6% hydrogen peroxide. Many bleaching gels contain Carbamide peroxide and in these gels a concentration of 17% is the equivalent of 6% hydrogen peroxide.

Tooth whitening is restricted to those over 18 years of age however there are certain situations in which under 18’s may have tooth whitening done. This can be discussed with your dentist. Click on link below for further information.
New tooth bleaching regulations.

GAA makes gumshields compulsory.

Your child’s first or primary teeth are as important as permanent teeth and require daily care.

Links between Diabetes and Oral Health Problems according to American Diabetes Association

400 New cases of oral cancer per year

Whoopi Goldberg talks about her experience of gum disease

Gum disease linked to early births

Gum disease linked to heart disease

Government Slashes Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme and Dental Medical Card Scheme in Budget


Changes to Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme (PRSI Scheme)

The 2009 Budget has practically abolished the Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme operated by the Dept of Social and Family Affairs.  This scheme is paid for by workers PRSI contributions.  In county Louth 45,900 people are eligible for treatment under this scheme.   In 2008, the Scheme enabled approximately 1.5 million dental treatments to be provided on a State supported basis to eligible patients, including attendance by an estimated 400,000 patients for examination.  Workers on the average industrial wage contribute €20 per week in PRSI contributions while higher earners contribute up to €53 per week towards their dental and other welfare benefits.

As of 1st January 2010 the only remaining item of treatment allowed through this scheme is  one dental examination per year.

Changes to Medical Card Scheme

HSE have informed dentists on the 26th April 2010 by a circular that the medical card scheme will no longer cover routine treatment and will be a limited emergency service only.  According to this circular all cleaning and periodontal treatments have been discontinued unless there is an underlying medical problem. Fillings and extractions can only be done where there is pain or infection and fillings are limited to two per year. Dentures can only approved in emergency circumstances but these have not been defined.

click this link to view treatments now covered under medical card

This decision has been made with absolutely no consultation with dentists and against the advice of the dentists who administer the scheme for the HSE. These cuts will have a hugely detrimental impact on the dental health of medical card holders who cannot afford to pay for treatment.


It is clear from both these decisions that the government is relinquishing it’s responsibility to support dental services in Ireland for both the poor and low paid and for those that have been making, and continue to make PRSI contributions.

If these decisions affect you, we would urge you to contact your local T.D.s and voice your opposition to cuts in your dental benefits.





We would ask patients with flu-like symptoms to cancel any appointments for routine treatment.  If emergency treatment cannot be delayed due to acute pain or abscess, we will arrange an appointment at a time which will reduce the risk of spread of infection to other patients.

If you or a member of your family has a fever or high temperature (over 38°C/100.4°F) and two or more of the following symptoms, you may have swine flu:

  • unusual tiredness,
  • headache,
  • runny nose,
  • sore throat,
  • shortness of breath or cough,
  • loss of appetite,
  • aching muscles,
  • diarrhoea or vomiting.

At Blackrock Dental Surgery we have strict cross infection control protocols in accordance with best practise guidelines.  In addition to these, we have provided tissues and  lined bins for disposal of used tissues  in the waiting area and would ask patients to wash their hands with alcohol rub provided in the reception area.

For latest information and advice on swine flu check HSE website on link below.

.HSE Swine flu information