We are now providing dental implants at Blackrock Dental Surgery, Dundalk. Tax relief can be claimed on dental implants, crowns and bridges at a rate of 20%.

Below is a slideshow showing some before and after implants photos from cases recently completed at Blackrock Dental Surgery by Dr. Gonzalo Lopez-Baillo.

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Dr Lopez is extremely experienced with placing and restoring implants having achieved post graduate university qualifications in providing implants. We are providing high quality Biohorizon implants for €2,000-2,200, including crown over the implant.

Implants are used to replace missing teeth using a titanium implant as an artificial root which is surgically placed into the bone and can then be used to hold a crown, bridge or denture.

Click for link to Biohorizons implants website


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Implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth

single missing tooth

Larger spaces can also be replaced using implants

multiple missing teeth multiple implants placed abutments and crowns placed over implants

 Implants may also be used to hold a denture firmly in place.

all lower teeth missing 2 implants placed in lower jaw Lower full denture held tightly in place by implants

Click for link to Biohorizons implants website