PRSI+Med Card

Blackrock Dental Surgery provides treatment under both PRSI and Medical Card schemes.


Government slashes  your Dental schemes in budget. Click here for further information.

Medical card Scheme

Anybody who holds a valid, current medical card is entitled to treatment under the dental medical card scheme.  This scheme provides free treatment which is now limited to:

  • Examination
  • Prescriptions
  • Fillings (limited to maximum of 2 per year as part of emergency treatment)
  • Extractions as part of emergency treatment.

Certain items, including dentures, require prior approval from the local health board before they can be provided.  In order to receive treatment under the scheme you will need to present a current valid medical card at each visit, which can be validated immediately through the PCRS database.

HSE website

Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme(PRSI)

As from 1st January 2010, one yearly examination is the only benefit remaining as a result of the government’s decision in the last budget to abolish all other dental benefits under this scheme.  Click on the link above for further information.


How do I qualify for Treatment Benefit?

People normally qualify for benefit on this scheme through their PRSI payments. Only PRSI at classes A, E, H and P count. This will be depended upon how many contributions you have made and your age. You may also be entitled to Treatment Benefit under your spouse or partner’s PRSI payments.

Social Insurance contributions made in another country covered by EU regulations may qualify you for treatment in Ireland.
If you think you are qualified you will be required to sign a dental claim form to that effect, provide your PPS number and name of your employer.

If you are unsure as to whether or not you qualify for treatment benefit, more information can be obtained by contacting Social Welfare Office on 1890 400 400 or online at


Treatment is also available under the following insurance schemes

VHI Dental Insurance (DeCare)

Quinn Healthcare

St Paul’s Garda Medical Aid Scheme

Hospital Saturday Fund

ESB employees dental benefit